What I noticed at DGAS this week

Its easy in our busy weeks at school to miss the little daily blessings that come our way.  Lucky for me I was in a picture taking mood….downloading my pics I found a bunch! Here are some blessings I recieved at DGAS this week!

Pastor Arner sharing God’s love with our little ones. This week we learned that God wants to heal our boo-boos! Yes he does!:)

Passing the hat of friendship. I love that our students can say such nice things about each other!

Mrs. Williams presenting a special student of the month surprise! What a blessing to be able to encourage our students as they search for Christ in their lives!

We are so lucky to have parents that are involved in their children’s education!
Celebrating our student’s achievements!
it always makes me smile to see one of our older students helping a little one. Whether its pushing them on a swing, holding a door for them, or picking them up when they fall, I see a tenderness towards the younger students in pre-teens that you won’t find everywhere!
Even our youngest get into the spirit of helping! It takes teamwork sometimes, but we get the job done!
I am so thankful for the opportunity to teach my students about Jesus, and His love for them!


One thought on “What I noticed at DGAS this week

  1. Patricia C. Williams says:

    Kristen, thank you for sharing your pictures and thoughts with us. YOU are a blessing to our students, our parents, and your co-workers.

    This pictures are cute and your comments are encouraging and inspiring. Thank you again.

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